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Brown’s financial aid experts are available to assist students and their families with navigating the financial aid process. Office hours are generally Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time (ET), with the exception of most Wednesdays when the office opens at 11:00 am. 

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If you are a current or recently admitted student, please include your Banner ID in all correspondence to us (B01######).  Applicants should include their reference ID if they have been provided one (nine-digit numeric ID provided in Admission Applicant Portal).

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Most inquiries can be effectively and efficiently addressed by emailing or calling us. However, if you have in-depth questions or concerns regarding your financial aid offer or status, you may schedule a phone appointment to speak with a financial aid counselor using our Counselor Calendar.

  • When doing so, it is imperative that you provide all of the requested information in the description box, including your phone number. 
  • Appointment times are typically available 10am-3:30pm Eastern Time.  Please be sure to adjust for this if you are in a different time zone and your calendar does not automatically convert the times for you.
  • Should you need to cancel an appointment, you may do so through your online calendar (if applicable); otherwise please email us at financial_aid@brown.edu.

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While on campus, feel free to stop by our office to learn more about financial aid at Brown.

Location and Mailing Address

Page-Robinson Hall, Second Floor

Box 1827

69 Brown Street 

Providence, RI 02912

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Meet the Team

  • Sean Ferns portrait

    Sean Ferns

    Dean, Frederic M. Alper Deanship of Financial Aid
  • Jordana Bautista portrait

    Jordana Bautista

    Customer Service/Information Coordinator
  • Grace Cruz portrait

    Grace Cruz

    Assistant Director
  • Matt Davis portrait

    Matt Davis

    Assistant Director
  • Ryan DePasquale portrait

    Ryan DePasquale

    Assistant Director
  • Tracy Frisone

    Tracy Frisone

    Senior Assistant Director
  • Chris Gilbody

    Chris Gilbody

    Director, Graduate School Financial Aid
  • Margaret Kelly portrait

    Margaret Kelly

    Assistant Director
  • Sara Knox portrait

    Sara Knox

    Senior Assistant Director
  • Melanie Neves

    Melanie Neves

    Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid
  • Tracy Olson portrait

    Tracy Olson

    Administrative Coordinator
  • Carissa Pereira portrait.

    Carissa Pereira

    Assistant Director
  • Karen Roskelly portrait

    Karen Roskelly

    Assistant Director
  • Francesca Savella portrait

    Francesca Savella

    Financial Aid Counselor
  • Stacey Vanasse portrait

    Stacey Vanasse

    Assistant Director
  • Christina Visinho

    Christina Visinho

    Assistant Director

Related Contact Information

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