Undergraduate Financial Aid

Financial aid at Brown is offered to qualified RUE applicants based on an evaluation of their financial need and eligibility, as determined by federal regulations and institutional policies. Brown does not offer financial aid based on academic achievement, athletic ability or any other form of merit.

  • First year RUE applicants fall under the need-blind admission policy, consistent with the University policies for all first year applicants.
  • Transfer RUE applicants are considered for admission on a need-aware basis, consistent with the University policies for transfer applicants. Transfer RUE applicants must apply for financial aid at the time they initially apply for admission in order to be considered for financial assistance at any time during their undergraduate years at Brown. RUE transfer students who do not apply for financial assistance at the time of their initial admission application will not be considered for University Scholarship at any point during their undergraduate years at Brown, regardless of any changes in their family financial situation. Financial aid applications received after the deadline may be considered for federal assistance only.

Important Deadline

All RUE financial aid application materials are due by March 1, 2024.

RUE Application Requirements

  • The RUE Financial Aid Application (a fillable PDF)
  • Tax returns (if applicable)
    • 2022 federal income tax return for student and spouse (or non-tax filer statement), include W2 forms and schedules. Sign and date the return. (Note: Offers are finalized upon review of 2022 return.)
    • International students should submit a copy of their most recent tax returns/income statements with all relevant items translated in English.

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