Undergraduate Financial Aid

Since the cost of books and required course materials are being paid directly through the program, you will not see a book component in your estimated cost of attendance.

Students may have to purchase supplies such as notebooks, paper, etc. throughout the academic year and an estimate of those expenses has been included in the personal expense component of your cost of attendance

As part of your participation in the BCMS Program, all students must complete a tutorial each year as acknowledgment before being allowed to purchase your books and course materials. You will receive instructions and next steps for the tutorial and acknowledgment by mid-August before you arrive at Brown. Should you have additional questions about the program, please contact bcms@brown.edu

To remain eligible to participate in the BCMS Program, a student must retain eligibility for University Scholarship. If at any time in the future you are no longer funded with University Scholarship, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the BCMS Program and you will need to pursue outside resources to cover the cost of books and materials. Please contact financial_aid@brown.edu for questions regarding your eligibility. 

BCMS does not cover the costs of electronic items (laptops, desktop computers, IPads, Surface Pros, external hard drives, tablets and other computer accessories. This also includes electronic items found on your syllabus). Please review the information about Buying a Computer.