Undergraduate Financial Aid

Need-Blind vs Need-Aware for RUE Applicants

A RUE applicant is an undergraduate who was admitted to Brown under the Resumed Undergraduate Education Program. RUE students are individuals who experienced an interruption in their formal education and now plan to resume their studies. For more details about who qualifies to apply to the RUE program and what makes this program unique, visit the Admission website.

RUE students are usually the only students who are considered "independent" for awarding institutional financial aid. Therefore, we do not ask for parent financial information. In turn, there is no parental contribution expected for a RUE student.

Citizens and Permanent Resident

All applicants to the RUE program who are eligible to apply as freshmen fall under the need blind admission policy, consistent with the University policies for all freshmen applicants. RUE applicants who are classified as transfer applicants, because of prior college-level coursework, are considered for admission on a need-aware basis, consistent with the University policies for transfer applicants. Financial Aid at Brown is awarded to qualified RUE applicants based on an evaluation of financial need/eligibility as determined by federal regulations and institutional policies. Brown does not offer financial aid based on academic achievement, athletic ability, or any other form of merit.

In order for a RUE transfer applicant to be considered for financial assistance at any time during their undergraduate years at Brown, they must apply for financial aid at the time they initially apply for admission as a RUE transfer applicant. RUE transfer applicants who do not apply for financial assistance with their initial admission application will not be considered for University Scholarship at any point during their undergraduate years at Brown, regardless of any changes in their family financial situation. Therefore, the importance of meeting the deadlines for financial aid are critical.

International Citizens

We will continue to consider international applicants on a need-aware basis, that is, we will take into account their financial need in making our admission decisions. Financial aid for international RUE students is limited. International RUE students who do not receive financial aid at time of admission will not be considered for aid at a later date. Therefore, international RUE students must apply for financial aid at the time of application for admission, if they have reason to believe they will need assistance at any point during their time at Brown.

Undocumented Applicants

Undocumented students interested in receiving need-based financial aid from Brown must indicate their interest in financial aid as part of their admission's application.  If an undocumented student is admitted to Brown and is determined to have financial aid need, then Brown will award the student with Brown financial aid funds to meet their need.

If an undocumented student does not indicate on his/her admission's application that he/she is interested in receiving need-based aid from Brown and is admitted, he/she will not be able to receive need-based financial aid for any of their time at Brown.

If  an undocumented student is admitted without financial aid, but becomes a US citizen or permanent resident while at Brown, he/she will be able to apply for, and if eligible, received need-based financial aid.