Undergraduate Financial Aid

First Year DACA and Undocumented Applicants

These instructions are for all DACA and undocumented first year applicants, including students residing in the U.S.

Financial aid application materials allow us to determine a DACA/Undocumented student’s eligibility for Brown’s institutional financial aid. To receive a provisional financial aid decision with the admission decision, the student must submit all of the required financial aid application materials by the appropriate deadline. 

The CSS Profile is available to complete online as of October 1, 2023.

Important Deadlines

  • Early Decision: November 1, 2023
  • Regular Decision: February 1, 2024

CSS Profile

  • Required for institutional need-based aid
  • Must be submitted by deadline noted above
  • Required from each parent if they are divorced or separated

CSS code 3189

Start your CSS PROFILE

Brown does not provide fee waivers for the CSS Profile application. Instead, we rely on the College Board to determine who automatically qualifies for a waiver during the electronic application submission process. When completing the payment process for the CSS Profile, students may find that fees are automatically waived.

Parent and Student Income Tax Returns

At the time a student submits the financial aid application, and in addition to the CSS Profile, DACA/Undocumented applicants should submit income tax returns directly to the Office of Financial Aid. Send them as email attachments to financial_aid@brown.edu or fax them to 401-863-7575. Be sure to include the student's full name along with the date of birth.

The following tax returns are required:

  • 2022 federal income tax return (or non-tax filer statement) for custodial parent(s) 
  • 2022 federal income tax return (or non-tax filer statement) for student 
  • 2022 federal income tax return (or non-tax filer statement) for noncustodial parent, if applicable