Undergraduate Financial Aid

Applied Music Fee

A per-semester fee is charged for registration in the Applied Music Program.

Assistance may be available depending on whether you have declared your concentration and whether you already receive University Scholarship.

Students Receiving University Scholarship

Subject to funding availability and/or your concentration, your University Scholarship may be increased to cover the applied music fee. 

  • First, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid during each term that you are charged the fee.
  • We will verify that your student account was charged the applied music fee, and we may increase your University Scholarship accordingly, adding it to your academic year budget. (Should additional University Scholarship funding not be available during any given semester, students will have the option of applying for loan funds to assist with this expense.) 

Students Not Receiving University Scholarship

Depending on your remaining loan eligibility, you may choose to cover the applied music fee with loan funds. The fee will not be covered by University Scholarship if a student does not already receive University Scholarship.