Undergraduate Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid

If you are taking summer courses at Brown, you may qualify for a Brown "Summer Grant." The amount of the grant will depend on the amount of University Scholarship you receive during the academic year and the number of summer courses you are taking.  Pell-eligible students also may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant if they are taking summer classes.  In addition,  loan funds may be available to supplement grants in meeting the cost of course fees and other living expenses.  If interested in loans, please contact the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Applying for a Summer Session Grant

Brown Undergraduates who receive University Scholarship during the academic year will be eligible for partial summer course fee remission. You should receive an email in the Spring letting you know the total amount of grant (including Federal Pell Grant eligibility) that is available.  No additional grant/scholarship funds will be available for other expenses beyond your noted eligibility.  Summer Grant will be awarded prior to the start of summer classes.

If you were on an LOA during the academic year, you may still be eligible for grant funding, however, you will need to contact the Office of Financial Aid for further information.

If you are graduating in May, the summer grant will not be available to you as you will have finished your undergraduate studies.

Loan Eligibility for Summer Session Expenses

The Summer at Brown Loan Application will be available on May 16th via the Forms section of our website.  If you are interested in borrowing loans to help pay your summer educational expenses, contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss options. Simply notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing via email if you do not want loans after you have received or requested them. In order to be eligible for a federal loan, you must be enrolled at least half time (two classes).

Enrollment Changes

The Office of Financial Aid will be aware of enrollment adjustments after you change your registration in Banner.  Please note that you cannot borrow loans during the summer session if you are only enrolled in one class.  Also, withdrawing from Summer Session will result in a recalculation of aid; students who received Summer Grant will not be eligible to retain Summer Grant above the final tuition charges.