Undergraduate Financial Aid

Winter Financial Aid

If you are taking winter courses at Brown, you may qualify for a Brown Winter Grant.

Students who receive University Scholarship during the academic year and are enrolled at Brown in the Fall term may qualify for additional financial aid toward the cost of Winter Session.

Additional Information

  • Due to the continuous enrollment requirements, students must be enrolled in the Fall term prior to the Winter Session to be considered for financial aid, including the borrowing of federal and private loans.  
  • Students graduating in December cannot use the Winter Session to extend the loan deferment/grace periods outside of the traditional Fall or Spring semester dates, even if they are enrolled in a final Wintersession course. 

For assistance regarding financial aid eligibility and Winter Session please visit the Office of Financial Aid on the second floor of Page-Robinson Hall or call or email the Office of Financial Aid at 401-863-2721 or financial_aid@brown.edu.

Applying for a Winter Session Grant

If eligible, the Winter Session grant will be awarded automatically. After registering and prior to billing, the Office of Financial Aid will send notification that the student’s financial aid has been adjusted. The student may then view the Winter Session grant in Banner Self-Service.

Loan Eligibility for Winter Session Expenses

Loans must be requested separately. We do not automatically award loans, as Winter Session borrowing may impact a student's loan eligibility during the academic year.

Students should notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing via email to request a loan. A Financial Aid Counselor can provide students with their loan eligibility prior to registering for Winter Session courses; however, loans will not be processed until registration.

Students Completing Degree Requirements/Graduating in December

Winter Session grants are only available for continuing undergraduate students who are currently receiving Brown University Scholarships during the full academic year. Students graduating in December will have finished their undergraduate studies, therefore, are not eligible for a Winter Session grant.

Financial Aid for Travel Expenses Associated with a Destination Course

Funding through a grant from the Global Experiential Learning and Teaching (GELT) Program covers all essential travel costs (flights, accommodations, meals, health insurance for international locations and site tickets). Although loan eligibility may be available to cover other travel-related expenses, any credit resulting from a loan will not be available as a refund until after the program has begun. Travel allowances are not provided for on-campus classes.