Undergraduate Financial Aid

Additional Initiatives Unique to Brown

Brown University supports a range of distinct initiatives to meet a family’s full demonstrated financial need.

These initiatives make it easier for students from moderate-income backgrounds to choose Brown and worry less about accruing debt that might limit their professional choices after graduation.

$0 Parent Contribution Direct Cost Scholarship

Brown’s highest need students, coming from families with total incomes of less than $60,000 per year and assets less than $100,000, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, will receive scholarship/grants equal to the amount of standard tuition, fees, room and meals.  

  • Reduces the amount the student is required to earn over the summer.
  • The student arrives on campus with a $0 student account balance.

Middle/Moderate Family Income

Brown is also providing University scholarships to families with middle/moderate total incomes and has increased the scholarship awarded to these families. Brown financial aid awards include federal, state and institutional, need-based scholarship, and a Work-Study or Campus Employment component, but no loans.

Health Insurance Scholarship

All students at Brown are required to have health insurance. If a student is receiving University need-based scholarship and does not have comparable insurance coverage, Brown will provide a health insurance scholarship to cover the costs of insurance.

These University initiatives are determined based on a family’s calculated total income. A family’s total income is determined by the Office of Financial aid through reviewing tax documents and financial aid application materials. Total income is the sum of Adjusted Gross Income plus all untaxed income. Examples of untaxed income include untaxed social security benefits, untaxed business revenue, pension contributions and withdrawals, child support received, etc. Please visit the parent income section of our website for complete details of the determination of total income.