Undergraduate Financial Aid

Noncustodial Parent Contribution

To apply for Brown University Scholarship, financial information from a noncustodial parent must be submitted.

Brown partners with students and families to establish a plan for covering educational costs. However, the primary responsibility for financing a student's education lies with the student and their family. As a result, a PROFILE and financial information from the noncustodial parent is required to apply for Brown University Scholarship.

A noncustodial parent is not required to report information for federal student aid purposes (Pell Grant, Federal Loans, and Federal Work-Study). Only the custodial parent and current spouse, if any, must complete the FAFSA.

Noncustodial Parent Unwilling to Contribute or Complete Application 

Brown requires the submission of noncustodial income information detailing the parent's ability, not willingness, to contribute. Should parents discontinue their financial support for reasons other than ability to pay, Brown will not assume the parental responsibility for financial support of the student.

The Office of Financial Aid has a standard letter that can be mailed directly to the noncustodial parent explaining that submission of the NCPS will be used to measure but does not obligate the parent to contribute to the student's educational expenses. The letter will explain the reason for Brown's request. To request this letter be sent by our office, contact us with the noncustodial parent's full name and address.

Students should make a reasonable effort to gain support from a noncustodial parent. If this is not possible, students should make an appointment with a financial aid counselor who can determine if the circumstance warrants an exception. A counselor also can advise on student loan borrowing options to help manage this difficult situation.


Waivers of noncustodial information are granted in very limited circumstances. Examples include, but are not limited to, abuse, neglect, addiction, and/or other related concerns. If you believe that your situation fits one of these special situations, please download and complete the Noncustodial Parent Waiver Petition in the Forms section of our website. Do not leave any questions blank. A petition will not be considered ready for review until we receive at least two, third-party statements (from someone other than a family member), a statement from the student, and a statement from the custodial parent along with the waiver form.  Note: A noncustodial parent's (short-term or long-term) unwillingness to provide the student with financial support is not sufficient justification to file this petition. 


Only Brown’s financial aid officers will review the information submitted to our office. However,  Brown holds students accountable for all University matters and the Financial Aid Office routinely shares financial matters with students. Parents who do not want their information shared with the student must notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing.

Expected Contribution from Noncustodial Parent

The student may contact our office to request a breakdown of the calculated contributions for the custodial and noncustodial parent. We can send a letter directly to the noncustodial parent providing information about the cost of attendance and the expected noncustodial contribution. Note: We are prohibited from discussing the parent contribution and the income/household information of one separated/divorced parent with another.

Parents Recently Separated or Divorced

If your parents were married when they completed your FAFSA and have recently separated or divorced, you may request that your financial aid eligibility be re-evaluated by completing the Financial Aid Appeal Form. This form can be downloaded from the Forms Section of our website.